You Have Neither The power,Nor The Responsibility To Fix It All,Just Do Your Bit

what exactly Is my reference point here, I really can not say it is about one particular thing, Is it the killings in Benue and all over the Nation, Is it the injustice of man to fellow man, is it the present state of the economy,Is it  the scarcity of resources that should be in surplus supply because our great nation Nigeria  is so blessed by God, is it the malfunction in the all important sectors of the Economy  ,Health, Education,transport….you tell me?

As  parents, its part of  your  duties to try to ”fix everyone and everything in the  lives of your family members”  but I am sure most of us can relate with the fact that it is an exercise in futility! soon too you get to a point where you are so frustrated ,you are forced to realize in a moment of truth,that its really not your responsibility ,plus you do not posses the power to “fix ” anyone , you are however obligated to your bit and trust God with the rest

likewise, if you are unhappy with the aforementioned scenarios happening around you like most people are, then thinking  about how to fix it all in one go will further frustrate and  exasperate you! the most logical thing to do, is do your bit and let the next man do his bit and watch the world transform one person,at a time,one day at a time

If you want to stop corruption, stop doing anything that is any where near corruption, if you want the truth to prevail, start by speaking only truth yourself and so on, its that simple

The first one to fix is

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