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You Do Not Need A Million To Start A business

11 April 2019 Blog

If you’re dreaming of starting your own Business of course, there are dozens of obstacles that may keep you from actually doing that. You might not have enough motivation, for example, or time to actually see the work through; or you might not even have a solid idea to begin with — yet.

where most people get stopped in their track is their realization that it takes money to start a business — money they don’t have or is not readily available

Even then,you may want to consider: There are many fund raising options available, so money is not a good excuse not to start a business. And, beyond that, there are certain types of businesses you can start with almost no cash.oh yes you better believe it

So what does it take to establish your business you may want to ask, I will tell you

Your first step is to explore what it takes to formally “start” a business, and which of those items cost money.next you will need a good business plan,every business exists to make profit,to make profit you must sell a product and for the product or products to sell they must be providing a solution to a problem or meeting a need, then you will be faced with identifying which business you can start without heavy cash and which need you will be meeting /problem you will be creating a solution for, again I will suggest a couple , every time i see a need I see a business opportunity please read on

Examples of non capital Intensive Business

So, what is your talent? the easiest way to do business is turn your passion into a money making venture,here are some examples

  1. In-house Baby sitting – so many times I have had to turn down social engagements and the reason why is because there was no one to watch my children,at such times I wished I could call in a baby sitter , If you love children and have the experience this may be something you could consider, you wont be needing capital to rent space for a creche, Just you, your availability,willignessness and whats more,you get paid on the spot
  2. Content developer/provider and writer- all you need is your laptop,your brain and skills, believe me in today’s world a lot of organizations need your services, you will be smiling to the bank too in no time
  3. Party clown/comedian if you are a mum that loves to celebrate her childrens birthdays (don’t we all) wink wink, well I am sure you have had to pay as much as fifty to sixty thousand naira or even more for the services of a party clown. now all that is needed to start this business is you,your talent,sense of humour and a flimsy costume that won’t cost you much
  4. makeup,hairdressing and body massage- As a working mum, my weekends are devoted to spending quality time with my family, going to the saloon on weekends takes the whole day, home service providers are the best option for me, and they are paid well for serving you in the comfort of your home too, if you are skilled in this areas and want to go into business but lack the capital to start a saloon or spa, this option will work well for you
  5. Cleaning services- you will not believe how much people are willing to pay to have their homes cleaned professionally, and what do you need to start, your broom,detergent,a few dusting cloths and you’re in business.

Can you think of more on your own? the list is endless, be creative,start today,Goodluck!

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