Wow! January 2018 Is Gone….3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

The first month of 2018 is officially behind us.  yes almighty January is gone, the month of months or as we say in Nigeria the longest month!How far,so far? This is a great time to step back, take a deep breath, and determine where you are going for the balance of the year.

We all have big hopes,dreams and aspirations at the start of every new year, if you ask me I would say enough time has elapsed for us all to notice or  to see some trends, but there is still enough year left to make meaningful changes that will impact our a questions annual results. Here are 3 questions to ask ourselves

  1. How have we done so far with resolutions, business plans,strategies and the implementation of lifestyle changes, policies and the likes.I hope for most of us the answer is so far so good, but if perhaps its not been so good, no worries, that is why we need this reality check. sometimes when we make plans,
  2. it is not until we try to work them out that we begin to realize they were not realistic in the first place, which brings us to question two
  3. How feasible are the goals and plans I have made for the year?

                 yes , think again, are your goals achievable, are your strategies workable or doable based on all factors to        consider? if  not then do not panic, there is time for change, time to make  adjustments to make your goals more realistic and achievable,and so the next question is

                5 What do I need to change or do differently

Once you determine you are on the wrong path, the natural thing to do is turn around and head the right way, get information, study, consult an expert, redirect your game plan, do what you need to do, but  keep your end of year goals in focus.

Get to it already and goodluck!




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