WORLD TEACHERS DAY: 9 Reasons Why We Should Celebrate Teachers

Celebrating Teachers because they deserve it and giving you 9 reasons why. 

World Teachers Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the teaching profession and acknowledge those who have and keep making tireless efforts to help generations of students realize their hopes and dreams through learning.

It was hard to narrow down only nine things to love about teachers (because let’s be honest.. the list is endless!) but since today is Teacher Appreciation Day, I wanted to share with you just a few reasons why teachers are so special. 

These 9 key reasons why we SHOULD all celebrate Teachers  was compiled by Kapital FM correspondent  Chinyere Josephine Nnadi .


1. They teach us new things and help us discover our passions!

How many of us can say that we’ve never developed a passion for a particular study from a teacher who introduced it to us?  

2. They believe in us, encourage us to reach our highest potential

Teachers convince us that we can do anything we set our minds to. That’s pure Magic! The kind empires are built on. 

Teachers are great at motivating, supporting, and challenging us to unlock our true potential! They believe in us before we believe in ourselves.

3. They help foster a love  for reading, writing, and learning.

Reading and writing are SO important and these are skills that we use for the rest of our lives. Learning to not only read but truly comprehend text is something we owe our teachers!

4. They open a world of possibility and make learning FUN!

It’s not unusual for teachers to suddenly sing, dance, or take part in silly activities to show that learning something new can be fun. These are things they do for us and not necessarily because they like it. It just reflects their own creativity.

5. They can pretty much do it all! They are not only teachers, they are mentors, coaches, motivators, supporters, and friends.

What can’t teachers do? Even when they can’t, they’ll always find a way!

6. They take pride in the little things their students accomplish and the milestones we achieve.

They celebrate student accomplishments and although teachers know they only have their students for a short period of time, they are proud to see them succeed and move on. 

Colorful drawing – Teacher’s Day card

7. They have the ability to leave an everlasting impression on so many of their students.

I still remember my nursery school teacher – and I don’t think I can ever forget how enthusiastic and full of life she was. She brought so much joy into the classroom and that’s something that will stick with me forever.

8. They are lifelong students themselves!

Teachers spend hours practicing all different kinds of professional development and are committed to being the best teachers they can be. They share ideas, go to workshops, sit in different classrooms, read texts, and try new things. They say the best teacher is one who can learn and unlearn things.

9. They are patient and they care!

Even though every student learns at a different pace, teachers are completely devoted to making sure each one is learning and understanding – and no one is left behind, no matter how long it takes.

Do you now see why Teachers are special?


Tell us what you appreciate most about your teacher(s) and make sure you let them know. 

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