Women: 9 Things You Can Do Without Needing A Man’s Help

A man is the head. No question about that, but women have grown accustomed to waiting on men for most of the things they need or want to do. Why become a shadow of yourself when there are so many things you can do? Well, this here is a list of some of the things you can do without a man’s help.

The List

1. Give yourself a compliment. Loving ones self is an elusive art to many women, but it’s not that hard to just look into the mirror and compliment yourself. Learn to love your body in its natural form and reinforce the belief that you are great as you are by complimenting yourself even when you don’t believe it. Fake it until you mean it.

2. Give yourself a treat. Thanks to all the food spots in the FCT, you can’t run out of places to take yourself to. Some might argue that going out alone is a sad thing – pay them no mind. Unless you can enjoy your own company, no one else will.

3. Make money. If you are a working woman let me see your hands up. Don’t beg your boyfriend for a few extra bucks to pay the rent. Become a self-sufficient woman that puts in enough hours to keep herself fed and sheltered.

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4. Fix basic problems. You should be able to figure out why your computer isn’t connecting to the internet or change a light bulb. You’re more than smart enough to sort it all out without getting depressed at your ineptitude.

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5. Drive. Get your license, so you don’t have to bum rides off of your boyfriend. And if you aren’t interested in driving yourself around, then at least earn enough money to pay for an Uber every when necessary.

6. Cook. Everyone loves food and being a fair cook is achievable with all the tips and videos online. You don’t have to become a five-star chef, but you should at least learn to whip up a few simple meals. You don’t need to have a man in your life before you treat yourself to good food.

7. Take care of your car. In this part of the world most drivers didn’t go to driving school and so we miss the lesson on car maintenance. Nonetheless, it’s not a daunting task so you should know when to change the oil and how to swap out a tire. You don’t want to end up breaking down or crashing as a result.

8. Travel. Travelling could be an expensive hobby, but most times we are just terrified of leaving our comfort zones. You shouldn’t be terrified to meet friends in a new part of town or travel by yourself.9. Be happy. You shouldn’t be depressed whenever your boyfriend leaves the room or because you don’t have a man. You can and should have a life without him. Being happy should be a given even when he isn’t around to kiss and cuddle.

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