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Woman, 65, Gives Birth to Baby Girl

14 March 2019 Entertainment

A sixty five year-old woman, Mrs Comfort Timothy, has given birth to a bouncing baby girl, 18 years after she got married.

City News learnt that Mrs Timothy who has been married since 2001 has been praying and hoping for the fruit of the womb.

“After so many years of fasting and prayer the Lord finally accepted our prayers and blessed us with a baby girl. It’s the will of God and He knows why we have to wait this long before it happened. We never lost hope and we have faith in God,” she said.

She said she had gone through depression after she had faced a lot of  challenges, “but still I didn’t lose hope because I know one day it will happen and here we are celebrating our first fruit of our marriage after so many years.”

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The husband who was beaming with  joy said it (birth of the baby) was a miracle from the Lord and he thanked God for blessing them.

“We have been praying and we know surely one day our prayers would be answered,” he added.

The couple who named the baby “Ayobami” meaning (joy has come) in Yoruba,  advised other couples who are facing the same challenge of bearing a child should have faith and be prayerful to their Lord.

God always proves Himself as a living miracle and I want others to believe that miracle exist and I am testimony to that.

We didn’t do anything special except fasting and prayers and today our prayer has been answered.

“Maybe God want to use us as an example for others to see the kind of miracle He can perform when His servants have faith in Him,”he said.


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