#KFMCookOff: Whose Jollof Rice Reigns Supreme?

28 October 2017 Entertainment

In this Jollof Rice battle, two of our interns are ‘fighting’ to defend their cooking prowess and clinch the title of Best Jollof Rice.

In what started innocently with a question from yours truly, the quest to discover who is a better cook between Dave and Olumide is on for real.

Olumide Ilori, a 19 year-old student of Baze University and Dave Usenobong Clement, a 23-year old student of Federal Polytechnic Bida, both serving in the Multimedia unit of Kapital FM, are on for a cook-off.

According to Olumide, he’s been cooking since he was 12. Usenobong, on the other hand, started cooking later, but has at least 8 years under his belt. Will that play in his favour?

The two young men are very confident in their abilities and believe they will best each other come Monday, 30th October, 2017.


  1. They are to ensure they cook everything from scratch.
  2. Prove they did it all themselves using pictorial and/or video evidence.
  3. Creativity is allowed and encouraged whilst keeping the integrity of the dish.
  4. Plating is important and shall be done at Kapital FM’s Multimedia unit on Monday at an agreed time.
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As one with a very refined palate, myself and two other persons (to be revealed on Monday) will be judging these young men. But we can’t do it alone.
You, our reader, will assist us with the plating and presentation score on Social Media. Yayy!

The judging criteria will include;

  1. Taste and balance of flavours/textures.
  2. Creativity and signature elements.
  3. Feel-good factor and
  4. Presentation

See you on Monday and may the best man win!

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