Who Is The You In You?

30 May 2017 Blog

Why is it that people seem to get offended when they are asked the question “who are You”.

I mean it seems like a good opportunity to  to explain ones self for a better understanding  not so ?

Well, why is it too that most times it is  only during a fight that people who may have known each other for a while tend to ask one another

“who do you think you are eh” or “Who are you”.Strange isn’t it?

Permit me to  say that one of the best things you can do for yourself is getting to know the real you, learning to love yourself too.

As the great singer of blessed memory(Whitney Houston) puts it in the lyrics of her song  loving yourself is the greatest love of all!

Self love is not about thinking yourself better than anyone, no. It is about learning to love and accept yourself for who you are, not needing to compare you to anyone because the you in you , that person deep within understands that you are enough just as you are and you will always be enough because when God created you he already deposited in you everything you will ever need! 

Most importantly,  and that is the main focus of this article…it is about loving yourself so,so much that it comes naturally to you to love, respect and treat others right

Let us find  the courage  to find our true selves today and the grace to love us!


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