Where Is the Love Of God ?………..

Extending one hand to help someone in need may be more appreciated than folding two hands to pray for them..


Your sister is in need of  food and you have a big pot of freshly made Jollof rice steaming hot with fried chicken, do you serve her a  plate or you send her away and ask that she prays to the all knowing and Almighty God to send her a miracle? Ha! where is the love of  God, I ask again  where is the love of God in our hearts? Hmmn

Have you not seen it happen,? An accident occurs and people are lying on the road injured and in need of medical attention passers by stop but rather than help them to a hospital, they take pictures and make videos so they can forward to contacts and brag about having an eye witness account of the situation because they even got there before the authorities.(so what did you do)…Chai!


How about  the clothes in your closet that you have not touched for years,they probably do not fit anymore and you have enough to take you through the year even if you were to have a change of clothes twice daily for a whole year without repeating any. yet we complain about brother Sanwe  and sister Denky who come to church Sunday in and Sunday out in one particular attire which has since become faded ,more so we avoid them totally because they smell from wearing the same clothes without washing …when are we going to understand the power of action over words


My message to all of us today (myself inclusive ) is simple and it starts with the simple…we can win any battle one person at a time ,if and only if each one of us will reach another, one day,one person at a time,this way we can make the world a better place be it in the fight of crime,poverty,corruption,greed,gossip,cheating,lying,etc.


Gods love in our hearts for one  another is the beginning of the positive change we all so desperately seek, what will you do?

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