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What’s Love Got To Do With It?Let Me Tell You 5 Remarkable Things

14 February 2020 Blog

That brings to mind the lyrics of the popular hit song by Tina Turner, “whats love got to do with it” permit me to reply “everything” Even the holy book says Love is the greatest,

Today the world celebrates valentines day which is basically about sharing and showing love in positive ways to impact your world, why is this necessary, well I will show you a few reasons why the world will be so much better with love in it

let us look at 5 scenarios together

  1. Your sister or brother is in need, and you are able to help or solve the problem easily,but you sympathize with them and offer to help them pray about it..where love is present, this would not be so

2. You act all nice and friendly to someone to their face, but the moment they leave the room you back bite and say very unkind things because deep inside your heart, you are envious and resentful and for what, it is foolishness to be jealous or envious or to compare ones self to another for everyone’s journey in life is different besides celebrating your neighbors success can not hinder yours in any way,rather it may hasten it.where love is present there will be no hate . malice, pride,bitterness,judgement,etc

3. You give out alms to the needy, and to the ordinary eye you seem like generous and cheerful giver,But what is really the motive behind your giving..you want to gain their trust and exploit them. where love is present it will not be so

4. You act like a friend indeed and offer a shoulder to cry on but in reality you only want to be close enough to study and conquer their territory. In fact you are the enemy within.where love is present, it will not be so

5. you had a difficult time in life, no one really helped you, you fought your fights alone or so it seems. so you too have vowed not to help anyone, its only fair that they suffer the way you did.where love is present it will not be so.

Love has everything to do with it, I wish you love not just today but everyday. Fill your heart with love and the love you share will make the world go round.Happy valentines day

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