Whatever Life Offers you, Do Not Lose Yourself!

Dear Reader, how was your day? Hectic? Fruitful? Tough? Challenging? Unbelievable? No matter how it was, I am here to say Do not lose yoursel!

I hope this piece inspires you as it did me, Enjoy……

“She let her young son play with the car keys  while they went shopping in the mall,upon their return, the little boy had misplaced the keys and the whole family was stranded on the road…

I observed her discomfort with the kids , especially as the presence of a much needed masculine shepherd was noticeably absent, So i joined in to help

As we searched on without luck, her frustration grew and she landed the boy slap after slap, cursing simultaneously.Finally she decided to cross the road and look for it in the mall they had just come from,but in her agitation she strayed into a motorbike<s way and got knocked down…..

In the process of helping her up,the much needed key was it had fallen out of one of the bags she was holding, apparently the young lad had put it there,but Alas! she had lost herself and was badly injured before then”…….(Copied And Edited)


While searching it did not occur to anyone to search the bags…Isn’t it true that most times we search for what we need in all the wrong places?

Many people lose themselves in search of what they feel is missing in their lives, just like this woman did in search of her key.. many loose  their moral limb in search of their “missing rib”,some lose their health in search of material wealth, and others their integrity for affinity!

Some Musicians are sometimes made to lose the message in their songs and its relevance, replacing  them with lyrics that the kind of brand,sponsors approve in search of recognition and fame,the list goes on

The point is, we just need to think about what really really,really matters,what is most important

When you eventually find what you seek,will you still have the greater things like your integrity,relationships,character,values,virtues that are for the good of humanity, Or will all this be lost or probably dissolved? What a huge price to pay and is it worth it… Food for thought ,but if you ask me ,the answer of course will be a resounding NO!!

I encourage you today, Do not lose your mind in search for things, Do not lose your children to the internet, a maid or their peers in search of their school fees or giving them a good life,Do not lose your mantle in search for  titles and please by all means,Do not lose yourself in search for anything at all.


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