What Type Of Mother Are You?

1 November 2017 Blog Mum's Diary

 Every mother I have met has an ultimate goal,which is to be  a good mom to their children. Interestingly, I am also yet to meet a mum who feels she has attained this goal, Amazingly, every mother feels like she is failing miserably at least part of the time (not to worry, I am also on that list).

 So its a wonderful thing to aim at being the best mother in the world, but being a good mother can be overrated, the question is by whose standards? The problem is that, too often, we compare ourselves to others. Worse, we compare our weaknesses to others’ strengths.
Shelli Proffitt Howells wrote for  www.familyshare.com  on different types of mothers,  I found it to be a very intersting read,and can not help but share,Enjoy….
  • Touchy feely mom

  • The touchy feely mom is the mom that tells her children, “I love you” when they leave for school in the morning and every night before bed. She is known to give random hugs. Hers is the best shoulder to cry on when a child has a broken heart. She is not afraid to let her kids know how she feels, and she wants to know how they are feeling, too. Because of her openness, she may make “the talk” more uncomfortable than it has to be.  Secret Weapon: Guilt.
  • Strict mom

  • The strict mom has rules and curfews. Her children finish their homework before dinner and clean their rooms before they can go out to play. She knows where her children are, with whom and what they are doing at all times. She does not allow cookies to be eaten half an hour before meals, and bed times are strictly observed. Her children’s friends never say, “But Sandy’s mom said it would be OK.” Secret Weapon: “There will be consequences.”
  • Cool Mom

  • The cool mom knows all the latest and coolest bands. She takes her teenagers to concerts and invites their friends. She knows how to throw a mean pizza party. She can beat her kids at Guitar Hero. She’s not afraid to bust into song and dance while driving down the road with her children — but only if they start singing and dancing first. Cool Mom never wears mom jeans. Secret Weapon: She has all her kids’ friends’ phone numbers. She has a cell phone and knows how to use it.
  • Granola Mom 

  • The granola mom gives birth at home. She has health insurance but never has to use it, because she has so many natural remedies on hand. Her children eat red bell peppers for treats. She most likely homeschools or even (gasp!) unschools her children because she wants their learning to be as organic as possible. When Granola Mom eats chocolate, it is always dark. Secret Weapon: Master of disguise. She can hide vegetables in everything from macaroni and cheese to chicken nuggets.
  • Cheerleader Mom

  • The cheerleader mom never misses her children’s sporting events, plays or concerts. She sits on the front row of the bleachers, and her voice carries farther than every other parent’s. She has, on occasion, made her kids cringe from embarrassment. She is not afraid to get up in the coach’s face and ask why Jimmy didn’t get more playing time. She is often the team mom. Cheerleader Mom knows there’s nothing better than ice cream when her child doesn’t get the lead or loses the big game. Secret Weapon: Voice of thunder.

Now i hope you have been able to identify with one of these mothers, for me, well  I am more like a combination of all, here is the thing though,  did you notice how every category has a secret weapon, well that says to me that if you find your own “secret weapon and be naturally the mother God birth you to be,  you do not have to be good by any other standards but your very own. In this regard, may i add my own category….wait for it,,,drum roll…. Great imperfect Mum! (https://kapital929.fm/great-imperfect-mum/) yes as you will recall I  wrote in a previous article,  take it easy, and survive motherhood,one day at a time.that is all you need, Goodluck.

Always yours in motherhood

Mimi Dogo

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