What Have you done For You Lately

All too often we allow ourselves to take a backseat to our own lives. I’m guilty of it. And I can be sure you are too, wager you’ve allowed the same to . Responsibilities pile up, and as a result, stress does too. Maybe it’s a skipped breakfast in order to get to the office early, a missed workout to help out a friend, hours that could be devoted to catching up on much-needed sleep, sacrificed in order to make a deadline (guilty! Oh, so guilty) — soon enough you’re feeling run down and ragged and at a loss when it comes to thinking of the last thing you did truly for yourself. But before we can care for others in our lives, we must learn how to take time to enrich our own day to day.

It’s imperative that we make time to connect to the passions we have outside of work, family, friends, obligations and ambitions, if we only focus on the outside factors, that’s quickly what we’ll become: A shell that gives-gives-gives and does not understand how to accept. Accept love, accept help, accept that sometimes, you’ve gotta just slow down. Most of us fall among the many that too easily lose sight of the shore. I push myself to my limit, and used to have a pretty ugly habit of crashing and burning every few months or so. I’d get sick, break down, allow my anxiety and stress to get the better of me. Which only resulted in tears and dropped responsibilities. Over time, I’ve been working to reincorporate the habits and activities that make me feel, well, like me back into my life. And let me tell you, it takes work. But it’s worth it. Most are very small changes — buying myself an inexpensive bunch of flowers every Friday, committing to making breakfast every morning without compromise, going to bed earlier  — some are much larger — prepping salad ingredients on Sunday afternoons, so I can take a packed lunch to work throughout the week; setting a reminder on my phone telling me to go to the gym … and then actually going to the gym on my lunch break. Really, these are small things, but small things have a tendency to add up to something much greater over time: An honest-to-goodness smile on my face, for no other reason than feeling at home within myself and at the helm of my own well-being.

This piece from blog.freepeople.com really got me thinking and that is why I had to share with you

So, permit me to ask,tell me: What have you done for yourself lately? 

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