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What Can You Do This Weekend To Enhance Success Of The New Week?

14 November 2018 Blog News

 There must be a reason we are all excited when friday comes, for me its a time to unwind, rebrand, repackage,or if you like re -strategize.So when I came across these tips, I thought it is a good idea to share it with you.Here goes

1. Relax & Recharge your Body, Mind & Soul

Catch up on sleep. Do some active regeneration by taking a long walk, getting a massage or joining a yin yoga class. Get your mind off things by switching off your phone and spending time in nature. Nourish your soul through reading, being creative or meditating.

2. Connect with your Loved ones

Spend some extra-time snuggling and connecting with your partner. Go for a lazy coffee with a good friend. Call your mum. Make a Sunday roast for your family. Spend time giving back to the community.

3. Reflect on your Week

What went well this week? What did not go so well? Did you live your life aligned with your priorities and vision? What can you do better next week? What did you truly enjoy? What are you grateful for?


4. Plan your Week

What are your top priorities for next week? What are the 3 most important goals? How will you get closer to your dreams next week? When will you set time for yourself? When will you take time for the things and the people you love?

5. Prepare for the Week

Prep healthy meals to take to the office. Get your gym clothes ready. Cut your nails and shave. Clean your apartment and stock up your fridge

6. Let go of the Week

Take a long bath. Go for yoga. Write in your journal. Take a walk. Breathe deeply. Go to bed early. Let all the heaviness of the week go.


credit  https://medium.com, Pic credit www.google pics.com/pinterest


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