Wellbeing Foundation Takes Adolescent Personal Health Education To Schools

As global development stakeholders commemorated World Menstruation Hygiene Day, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, led by Wife of Nigeria’s Senate President, Toyin Saraki,   has expanded its landmark Adolescent Skills and Drills Personal Social And Health Education campaign.

Wellbeing Foundation Africa Adolescent Personal Social And Health Education Program Expands To Abuja SchoolsThe Health Education campaign was  to teenage girls in the Abuja metropolis,  delivering confidence building information on menstrual hygiene to the students of Anglican Catholic School.

In a lively outreach session led by Wellbeing Youth Counselors, the teenage students of the Anglican Catholic School in Apo were taught  menstrual hygiene management, based on the newly developed WBFA Adolescents Skills & Drills Handbook, and launched the Puberty instructional series of Medical Aid Films.

Menstrual Hygiene Day is an annual awareness day, on 28th May, that aims to break taboos and raise awareness about the importance of good menstrual hygiene management for women and adolescent girls worldwide.

Wellbeing Foundation Africa Adolescent Personal Social And Health Education In many parts of sub-saharan Africa, girls can miss up to 5 days of school a month or drop out entirely due to insufficient access to water, sanitation and Hygiene facilities while improving access to WASH facilities can actually increase girls’ attendance at school.

Inadequate menstrual hygiene management is connected with several problems that females, particularly in developing countries with the WHO stating that unsafe water, sanitation and inadequate hygiene are the gravest risks to adolescent girls health, adversely affecting education, dignity and human rights of women and adolescent girls.




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