The Weekend Is Here, Rest, Revive And Have A Really Good Laugh!

Do you know that when you laugh you feel better,look younger and when eventually you grow old the lines and wrinkles on your face will fall in pleasant places like a beautiful work of art so laugh i beg you, there will always be a challenge to tackle bur if you learn to laugh about it ,even laugh at yourself sometimes you will always be in a win-win situation.

Go ahead, read, laugh,enjoy

1. Pregnant Maid.

Our daughter is pregnant!

That’s her problem.

Neighbors are talking!

It is their problem!

I am nervous.

It is your problem.

– They are sure it is yours!

That’s my problem!

2. Midnight.

The man comes too late and knocks the door. His wife says:

– Go back from where you have just come.

– I will jump into a pool.

– Whatever. Kill yourself.

The man throws a stone into the water. The wife runs out of the house to help, while the man is carefully comes inside and locks the door. The woman is in shock:

– Let me in or I will shout!

– Oh, and you will explain all the neighbors where you have come from in your pants and bra in the midnight.

3. Three Thieves.

Three criminals are in the court for getting their punishment. The judge says: I will give it corresponding to the number of things you have stolen. The first man received just a year for a can of sardine. The second one got 30 years for taking a tray of eggs. Akpos appeared to be the least lucky, as he took a bag of rice

10. Missing Phone.

Akpos is looking for his phone in the darkness. He uses the light of his lost device. Where is it? – he asks. Then a call comes. Akpos answers: I will call you back later, I’ve lost my mobile! After thinking a bit, he tries to dial his number on the phone in his hands. And… he hears a busy signal. Oh, forget it! – says Akpos, – the phone has been stolen and someone has just cut my call!

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Now here are some of mine, Children say the funniest things


Some time ago there was news of a riot somewhere in Abuja,so when i picked the children from school ,i told them we would take a different route home to avoid the riot, the following conversation ensued

Daughter; mum what is a riot

Son,(before I could respond) I think a riot is when many rats are on a queue for food!

Me,( Laughing hysterically )you are not totally wrong you know


So my two year old  was walking funny,nearly bending over so  ask her what is wrong

her reply is epic, hear her

“I have headache in my Tommy, it happens when i want to poo! 

My people, i had to take her to the ladies fast,fast o no time, her expression as i laughed even made me laugh the more , i mean she couldn’t get it, she only stared a fact why was mum k

laughing so hard,,,

Ok you can stop laughing now ,before you pee on yourself…….

take care of yourselves and each other



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