Weekend Gossip;Write Your Own Headlines

This has got to be  the best piece of advice l have heard in a long time o,I would be completely selfish not to share it with you, It is not only gist all the time on this blog , sometimes l actually mind my business and borrow myself sense and because l am kind like that,permit me to share some of this sense with you

So yesterday Uncle Ben turned 59 and we had a zoom party to celebrate him, his friends joined in from all over the world  some still in their pajamas because of time differences  lt was totally hilarious and we all had so much fun 

Finally it was time to log out and Uncle Ben thanked everyone and said he hoped we would all come together to celebrate with him physically same time next year  when he will be turning 60, he was optimistic that the world would be pandemic free and all will be well by then

Responding ,His childhood friend and business partner Mr. Philip observed that though he and Uncle Ben  were practically age mates, Uncle Ben looked so much younger than him and this he attributed to the fact that Uncle Ben always seemed happy and wore a smile even on difficult days, He also attested to the fact that in all the years they had known each other ,Uncle Ben was quick to forgive anyone who offended him and he never bore a grudge. Very recently he added, their business seemed to be going down as a result of the pandemic and things were really looking bad, but Uncle Ben had and still continues to maintain a positive attitude which was more than he could say for himself.

What is your secret Sir asked a younger friend and Uncle Ben’s reply was profound, Permit me to share with you,Here goes

“Well my friends and loved ones it is a choice l made long ago, there is so much bad news everywhere, when you read the papers, social media or even listen to news headlines,Especially now everywhere you turn its another confirmed case of covid 19, death,disaster,terrorism and what have you,Bad things happen to us and around us daily but life is still beautiful and God is still good, right in the mist of all the chaos, somewhere near you a baby is being born,someone just got married,bought a new car,built a new house,got a good job,got promoted or even got a pay raise,Another person recovered and got discharged from hospital,the list is endless .How about the fact that you have learnt a new skill,have the love and support of your friends and family as you have shown me today. tell me what can be better than that.So choose to write your  own headlines and make a deliberate effort to be happy,No one ever solved any problems by worrying or being negative,but a positive attitude even though it may not always solve the problem will help you rise above it with grace”

I have completely changed my perception of things after that meeting, l am rewriting my headlines and life is beautiful, l decide what l want to magnify , l am not in denial of all the negatives  around me and in the world,far from it, But l know now that your life is defined by what you choose to magnify and it pays to focus on  the positives

Have a pleasant weekend, Write your own headlines and by all means mind your business like you always tell me to

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