Weekend Gossip;Wahala Be Like Front Seat Of Moto

So I stopped by my friends office to buy beans flour from a food vendor in their office canteen, I usually try to plan ahead for the weekend including the food menu especially now that the children are on holiday. Iya Risikat usually supplies me the beans flour which I use to make moimoi or bean cake and I serve it with pap  for my family at breakfast on some weekends

Little did I know that I was going to be at the center of “front seat wahala oo”, And believe me I was just minding my business when it all happened

Apparently Matthew had come to  pick up his girlfriend Bridget from work ,He called her and she told him she was at the canteen at he should meet her there.  It so happened that    on his way to pick Bridget earlier, he met his female colleague Omasan who asked for a lift home and Matthew obliged .

So Matthew got to the canteen just as Bridget  finished eating, she offered him lunch but he opted for take out explaining that omasan was waiting outside in the car, so Bridget asked for the food to be packed

 They both got to the car where Bridget was expecting Omasan to vacate the front seat for her but Omasan would not bulge

At that point ,a confused Matthew came out to plead with Bridget to get into the backseat and ignore Omasan whom he assured her will be dropping off at the next junction from her office

Bridget was furious, Really? she yelled at Matthew , You will rather appeal to me to get in the back seat rather than order her out for me? That was what caught my attention o, as I turned around my eyes met Mathews , I could see the confusion and desperation written all over his face and that’s when called out to me, Ma please help. Ha! I turned back to be sure he was not talking to someone else, Me ke? Do I know You, wetin come join me in this Matter now, who asked me to look back sef eh? I wanted to pretend I  did not hear him but without warning ,Bridget opened the pack of take out food she was holding and emptied it’s contents on Omasan and that is how the wahala started!  It was really hot ,you cold tell from the way Omasan screamed ! Surely That was what it took to get her out of the front seat and out of the car with the speed of light and then the real war began. There was no need to pretend I did not hear. Na race I take reach there o, and thankfully so did a few passers by

Hmmm, by now a small crowd was gathering, so with the help of some of them we pulled Omasan away from the fist fight into the canteens ladies room in an attempt to  pacify and clean her up, luckily for her, her jeans trousers took most of the heat and she was not burnt by the hot food, but her top was badly stained ,her wig all messed up with palm oil now lost its original color and now looked like a dirty mop stick and she smelt like fish. I wanted to laugh but I borrowed myself sense yet this stubborn lady will not keep calm, hear her “ If it is her Boyfriends car so what, she did not have to be rude, I refused to leave the seat because she did not ask me nicely”

I cannot even shout oh, what do you want me to say now? Na  wah ooo, wahala be like front seat, That one no even shock me, na Oga Matthew own worry me oo, all this time the guy just stand one corner dey do like say no be him cause fight o, but you need to see the smile and look of contentment on Bridget’s face after dealing decisively with Omasan chai!

This one pass me biko. Please help me advice all three of them , I mean Bridget, Omasan  and Mathew himself because the matter just tire me.If I did not see it happen I would say it is a scene from a Nigerian  movie.. Things dey happen oooo

Happy weekend o jare, by all means stay safe and stay out of trouble

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