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Weekend Gossip:”So You No Be Oga Sef”

22 May 2020 Blog

Mr. Titus was very angry , Yemisi could tell by the way he answered her greeting as she drove into the premises of her friends residence.  She had come to pick up Dolapo so they could both go to the market. She called her friend to let her know it was time to go.They always went shopping together and looked forward to market days too.It was the only time they got to see each other since the Lock Down began

Dolapo soon joined yemisi and they drove off, That is when the gossip started…

Yemisi : what is wrong with your neighbor Today, he is usually very friendly

Dolapo:  giggling, hmm my sister its Aminu o, we just finished settling the matter now, I just got upstairs when you drove in

Yemisi:  Aminu, the gateman? Ha! Na wetin join them

Dolapo : laughing childishly, you too like gist jare this woman

Yemisi:  (Also laughing) I know, Oya  gist me

Dolapo:   So Aminu usually washes all the cars in the premises every morning, but for some time he did not wash the car Mr. Titus drives

Yemisi :Ah Ah, But Why?

Dolapo: Well,  According to Aminu he had been washing the car but noticed that not everyone went out daily. So he asked someone and  found out that not everyone has resumed work only the “senior people” had resumed based on Government directive.Hear him “ Na only the oga wey dey go work need make I wash am for  their car”  and so  he decided to stop washing  the cars he noticed  were not driven every day.

However, Today, Mr .Titus decided to go out and asked Aminu  why his car was not washed, Aminu replied “You no be oga sef, I think say you no go comot “ …….And that is how the quarrel started

Yemisi laughed so hard that Dolapo had to caution her, Behave yourself Mrs Balogun ,you are driving…

Hmmmm This Lock down matter has brought with it many things, Even  Aminu the gate-man  now knows who is” Oga” in the office and who is not.It is well o

Why are you laughing ?

Have a wonderful weekend

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