Weekend Gossip;Mr And Mrs “Medusa”

I have laughed with people who have said the most terrible things about me and they think I do not know… Guess what it feels so good to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you, oh yes trust me so much better than fighting them

So this scenario played out before my eyes one day  and each time I remember it makes me laugh profusely, even now .That is why I thought to share it with you

We were waiting in line at the ATM  and this lady was leaning on a parked  car  close by .Her hairstyle caught everyone’s attention, in this modern day and age she had her hair plaited with colored wool then left it standing  like horns

I was the guys in front of me who started to gossip first, Ha! see medusa o said the first one

Laughing out loud, the second guy replied,” Guy so you see am, na the matter I dey look too, the thing tire me”

Another guy came to join the queue, he greeted and asked the usual question people ask at ATM outlets..”please who  is the last person “ the lady behind me signaled to him  and he replied “after you please” but did not stand  in line behind her

The guys in front continued their gossip.. I hope Medusa no come catch person from here go do ritual o

The guy who just came joined the conversation, who her? Her tilted his head towards her direction not wanting to point at her

Yes co, the first guy responded, one day now she go carry those horns   poke   person for eye, na wah o! Na fashion be this one   abi na craze ?  

The new guy laughed shaking his head

Just then it was the turn of the one who had been  gossiping ,But He came back soon afterwards shaking his head, the thing no pay me, e be like my bank network is down he lamented, it was obvious he was in dire need of cash

His friend offered his turn to this new guy saying he also had the same bank card and   would wait a while before trying

So it was that this new guy came back a few minutes later pocketful of money and said. I would have given you the money you need for your kind gesture but I am sure you will not  want anything from  the husband of” Medusa”

We all fell speechless and he walked off towards the car getting in  with ”Medusa” and they both drove away

I recovered first and had a good laugh, The look on the faces of those guys was priceless, that will teach them to watch their mouth

Ok You can stop laughing now…Happy weekend

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