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Weekend Gossip:It Is Called Ettiquette

10 July 2020 Blog

How are you holding up in these trying times. We are all in this together and believe that this too shall pass.keep holding on and keeping safe

So this weekend permit me not to mind my business o, the matter get as e be. Adult men parking cars to take a leak by the roadside, ladies chewing gum loudly in public then throwing them out on the street for passers by to get it stuck on their shoes, motorists throwing out trash from moving vehicles, the list is endless so that is why we need to talk about it, lets talk about etiquette

Etiquette has been defined as behavior that is accepted as gracious and polite in social, professional, and family situations. Good manners can mean the difference between success and failure in many aspects of life.

For the purpose of this article permit me to define it as simply as possible so we can all relate. Etiquette is regarding the next person so much so that you are careful to consider how your behavior affects them .(And It is all encompassing)

Just this morning, I was horrified to witness a man getting upset and yelling at the security man for refusing to allow him enter the supermarket I was at without his face mask.Seriously? With this ongoing pandemic, does anyone have to remind us to be responsible to ourselves and others? As if that was not enough, I walked to out with one of the supermarket staff who was helping me carry my shopping he stepped on bubble gum someone had freshly chewed and spat on the floor and almost slipped,it got stuck on his shoes.

Driving home the other day too someone threw trash right out the window on top speed on a major high way,Chai, should I still mind my business

If we imbibe Etiquette as a way of life our world will be better, it is the simple things that count, do not dress in a way that will be offensive to others decency speaks a common language, keep yourself safe in the face of the pandemic because by doing so you are protecting not just yourself but others. Hygiene is key and the lack of it is a catalyst for spreading disease, dispose of your trash appropriately.

Oga. do you really need to your “business”on street corners, do you ever consider that the same environment houses homes and offices and people will suffer from the stench of the accumulated urine over time .

I do not want to start any quarrel o, far from it.I only beseech you to stop , think and consider the next person, how will your good etiquette or the lack of it affect them

Fun Fact;

Did you know that the practice of saying “Bless you” to a person who sneezes dates back to the era of Pope Gregory I in 590 CE, when he commanded that a person who sneezes needs to be blessed in case they had the Plague….Now you do!

I trust you to do the right thing

Have a great weekend and keep safe

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