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Weekend Gossip;Daddy Do You Have Homework

14 August 2020 Blog

The children are coping really well with the new normal we all find ourselves in  today, that is more than I can say for us as adults. the schools have helped to keep the children busy too with virtual learning, so there i s homework everyday and  a little too much if you ask me

Daddy too has to work from home sometimes and  even on weekends.At such times little karissa can not understand why she can not sing along to her favorite cartoon soundtrack, make loud noises like clapping hands, giggling and just being herself .In order that she may understand and comply Daddy would say,”Please be quiet, I have Homework”Then you get her  to empathize, “will your teacher spank you if you do not do your homework”She asked, Yes  dear Daddy would reply and then she will go off and be the one appealing to her siblings not to disturb Daddy because he needs peace and quiet to do his homework.wow!

How has the experience of working from home been for you,How challenging  or Exciting has it been for You and yours

Its amazing how understanding children can be at times like this, what has been your experience so far, any tips in particular that have helped you cope and you want to share?

For me creating a work plan and assigning definite timelines, setting up a work station away from the many distractions at home really helped and  very importantly establishing a routine with  bedtime and waking time and work hours fixed made a positive difference. initially I struggled , I thought I could work on my couch, Thankfully I found out soon enough that was a lie,So I set up a work station Then I presumed I would manage just fine without a definite work pattern,Another lie, The work plan was a life saver, Assigning timelines helped  me get rid of procrastination and stay on track.

This may be the reality for a while, so by all means find out what works for you but by all means  at weekends do  not let it be all about work alone;Do yourself and your family a lot of good by having all the fun while staying safe 

Happy weekend

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