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Weekend Gossip: When They Taste Their Own Medicine They Say You Poisoned Them

27 November 2020 Blog

So this is really happening exclaimed Moji as  Funke embraced her, The two friends were crying and laughing at the same time, it can only be God said Funke quietly patting her on the back ,All thanks to him

Miss Tuvihin had  done all sorts to Moji, from bullying, to character assassinations to plotting to destroy her career, and all for what, just to satisfy her ego? Some people say she might have been envious or just looking for someone to pour her frustrations on, but she went too far

Moji was completely oblivious of Miss Tuvihin’s manipulations and plans, she was aware that for some reason she could not comprehend this woman could not stand her guts but the  extent to which the woman had gone to get her pound of flesh is what she was totally unaware of

Mr Katako had just resumed office on transfer from another branch , He it was that uncovered all the secret plots against Moji, He found a Petition written against Moji by Miss Tuvihin and several other documents but sufficient evidence to back up these claims were lacking, he decided then to uncover the truth ,Having been a victim of unfair treatment from a corrupt boss who disliked him because he always stood for the truth, He could smell a rat .He waited patiently for events to unfold

What are the odds that a total stranger who never knew me would take it upon himself to get me justice  Moji Narrated tearfully, This woman had planned everything, If Mr Katako ‘s transfer was one week late she could have safely executed her plan, How is it that this transfer was so timely, Again it had to be God

Miss Tuvihin was working closely with another colleague to destroy my career,  this colleague happened to be related to Mr Katako, She revealed to him all the things that was planned against Moji adding that Moji was innocent and that she had no choice than comply else she too would fall under Miss Tuvihin’s wrath

That was how Mr Katako decided to make her dance to the music she had prepared for Moji .He got together enough evidence, to think that this woman had several skeletons in her cupboard and yet she was plotting against someone else,?

The Board Met and she was suspended indefinitely. Miss Tuvihin wept bitterly as she begged Moji to forgive her, Mr Katako did not appear to be moved by her tears, Hear him “When you make them taste their medicine ,they say you have poisoned them, let this serve as a lesson to others

Hmmn. A very huge lesson indeed, my people make you no try spoil another man own o for there is God.

I am going off to mind my business for now, take care of yourselves and each other

Happy weekend



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