Weekend Gossip: Victim Or Criminal

One of my pet peeves may resonate with you too. Let us call it the criminal Victim Syndrome

When a person   is so manipulative that they make Calculated and strategic plans to deliberately hurt or traumatize another person and then turn around and play victim in the event that there is a reaction from the other party   -`

Bidemi   was in total shock . Little wonder why .When she and Tayo started the saloon last year she was very positive that the partnership will grow

Over a very simple misunderstanding, Tayo  threw out her belongings from the shop changed the locks not minding that they both paid the rent , she followed with a text message that since the rent was to expire in 2 weeks she will be renewing it alone and did not want the partnership to continue

Bidemi felt so bad   However she found another shop   and soon her business began to thrive, But Tayo will not let her be, She   accused her of stealing their old customers and all sorts. Bidemi choose to avoid Tayo  she knew the customers came to her of their own free will. It was while I was making my hair that one of such customers expressed shock at Tayo’s behavior and I got to hear   the story above . Hmmm I was minding my business o but let me share the gist with you

This is what the customer said. Bidemi thank God I got your number from David the barber in the shop next to  Tayos , she refused to give me your number , I just do not understand, It was then Bidemi narrated the story above

Tayo   had also reportedly taken the matter   to their pastor in tears weeping up sentiments and the matter was looking like Bidemi was heartless until some facts came up

Na wah o, wahala be like wetin again?

Please I do not like what I hate

Happy weekend o jare

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