Weekend Gossip: Two Can Play That Game

So ken continued to narrate his story and I really wanted him to stop because I was not sure how much longer I could hold my laughter .All the same, I just kept on listening with “keen Interest” and nodding my head sympathetically, Eya,Eya, kpele was all I kept saying

I know you will call me an accomplice but as we say in Nigeria, “you can not guy a guy man” Ken own don too much and Cynthia mumu sef don do

Ken had been dealing with Cynthia for as long as I knew them both as a couple so when Cynthia came up with a plan to give him a taste of his own poison,I was glad to help and boy..He did not like the taste one bit

Last week , Ken came up with a flimsy excuse to be away for a week .Cynthia was really hurt , more so because it was her birthday. He lied he was going out of town for an official assignment, It was so obvious this time, because what He Did not know was the fact that Cynthia had found out the reason he keeps disappearing on her birthday was so he could be with his side chick who owns a night club, wears a low cut,smokes,drinks and does everything bizarre! .Coincidentally, She also celebrates her birthday a day before Cynthia’s with lavish parties in choice locations. It is usually a week long event .Why is Cynthia still with this man that never ceases to bring her pain with his cheating and lies hmm ,maybe for the twins (who by the way are grown now and in boarding school). Well, I would never know, They say the things we do for love eh, chai

So this time Cynthia wanted him to feel the way he makes her feel, she Fumigated the house the day he was to return from his Supposed trip and He met a note on the door of their apartment from Cynthia ,It read ” Welcome back baby, had to fumigate so many crawling insects, please meet me at your Mother’s

So he could not get in because he could still smell the strong scent of the fumigation from outside, Cynthia knew exactly when he returned because she communicated with the security man at the gate, , Ken decided it will be better to go have some more fun and return the next day.

He sent a message to Cynthia saying he had to stay an extra day in Lagos as he had not fully accomplished his mission there, Cynthia Raised no objection, she simply said that will give her more time to clean up the house , and she would sleep over at his mothers, Then she waited till nightfall then took the spare keys and found his car parked in front of his side chicks apartment were she suspected it would be.She quietly drove it away and parked it in his mothers house. Ken had earlier lied to her that he would park the car in his office premises and the staff bus would convey him and some other colleagues to the Airport for the trip

So The next day ken calls to say he had just returned but his car had been stolen from the office where it was parked and the police were currently investigating, Cynthia gives the phone to his mother and he repeats the same story, His mother encourages him like any mum would but she has confirmed Cynthia’s story.They both encourage him to meet them at his Mothers house

He gets there and the first thing he sights is his “stolen Car” neatly parked in the premises

He is so ashamed and does not go in but turned around, comes to me to accompany him to go and appeal to his wife for mercy .Of course I act like I am in shock but I was in on the plan the whole time

Everyday for the thief, but one day na one day, monkey go go market him no go fit come back, side chick and guy man Hubby, change your ways

So Should I accompany him or not?Is this not the part where I mind my business as you always tell me to? Please tell me what should I do?

Have a great weekend

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