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Weekend Gossip-The Pain Of Watching A Movie With A Talkative

9 February 2020 Blog

All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy right?

So at the weekend I am looking forward to giving myself a treat, and in that regard I got tickets for a friend and I to watch a movie starring my favorite actors which coincidentally were some of hers too

So popcorn and drinks check, phones on silent check, best seats with great view check. I am so excited and then the gist begins. OK I say to myself, the commercials are still running, surely she will settle down when the movie starts. but no!

How can I get her to keep quiet, how should I say I had been waiting all week to watch the movie,and now the last thing I wanted to do was talk..

look ,I try to draw her attention back to the movie pointing at the screen,this is the exciting part, but no,I start up another question and answer session all over again.. Hear her” Really? how do you know that? we are both seeing this movie for the first time, wait o, so you came before without me eh?

Me..(eyes rolling) I wish I did,

My Friend ” Did i just hear you say what I thought you said”

Me. What did you hear….

And that is how the quarrel started,

well ,after the movie we hardly watched, we had a really good laugh at ourselves and she offered to buy tickets for us to see another movie next weekend, I am still thinking, should I accept or decline?

Have a Good laugh and a great weekend ‘

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