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Weekend Gossip-That Friend Who Knows And Greets Everybody

28 February 2020 Blog

Just from reading the caption above, I can almost feel the laughter from the reader, you can relate. You remember   that one friend and even now when you think about it, you will paint the picture clearly like it was yesterday

So let me tell you the juicy details, At that time, I was working fulltime 9-5 , Monday to Friday .then I was also running a Master’s program part-time 3 hours’ drive from my Location and taking lectures Friday evening and all through Saturday.

So my Sundays were really special, after church what I  really wanted to do was go home, take a well-deserved rest, tidy up and prepare for the new week but no my friend will not have it, let’s call her “concern”

So after doing all that driving to and from school the day before it was a great relief for “concern” to pick me up to church and drop me off afterwards so I could rest from driving and be refreshed for the new week. But I had to deal with her greeting and chatting with almost everybody after church before we finally left and even then, it was possible to meet someone else on our way out, and the chatting will start all over again.

 Some Sundays I was tempted to drive myself, but how could I turn down her kind gesture, plus she really made good company against all odds, plus our Sunday therapy was totally refreshing and helped nurture our friendship considering we both did not get to spend enough time with each other. In the end ,I smiled and chatted along , I hope she does not read this article so she does not come after me(Laughing in pidgin) .It has been a while, we both got married and consequently moved .Her to her husband’s home church and me to mine and I miss her dearly, greeting, chatting, , and all

Name that one friend who can delay you when you both go out together because they seemingly know, greet and stop to chat with every passerby, but when the quarrel starts, do not say I told you so

Have a great weekend.

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