Weekend Gossip- Thank God For Peninnah

Not every one who taunts you ,ridicules you or mocks you is your enemy, on today I challenge you to renew your mind, see that person or persons as a motivation,the very inspiration you need to get your desired results.

I tell you no weapon is as powerful in silencing insults like achieving positive results.Never waste precious time replying insults ,stay focused on your results.”

There was a story recorded in the holy book where a woman by name Peninnah tormented her mate Hannah because she did not have a child, this made Hannah cry her eyes sore, but it was also the motivation she needed to go to shiloh and whats more she got results that silenced every insult from peninnah forever

What is your reproach, what challenges are you facing that make you bow your head in shame,what past mistakes have been used to torment you…good people make bad choices too.

People and circumstances can change for the better, Its by Gods grace, your past mistakes do not define you, on the contrary, they can be propellers for your positive change if you learn and move forward, what will you do

Thank god for your Peninnah, she just may be a tool in destiny’s hand to bring you to your place of victory, renew your mind, do what you have to do,get your results,goodluck!

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