Weekend Gossip; Should A Lady Make The First Move For The Attention Of A Man She Likes

In the traditional dating world ,Men are the ones who ask women out. However it can be frustrating for the ladies when they can tell that the man they are crushing on  likes them too but is not making a move probably due to lack of confidence or other reasons which may not be obvious. What should a lady do then?

There are many opinions on this topic, while some men are totally comfortable with a woman making the first move, others  find it repulsive. However that is not to say it has not worked for some though the general opinion is that the average  Nigerian man is not ready for such strong confident women, His orientation, culture and very nature which makes  him the hunter and not the hunted forbids it.

Permit me to say too that there is a better way

So how should  a lady let a man know that she is  interested in him and  keep her dignity intact and still make him feel like the hunter and have  him wanting to play and eventually asking her  out? Here are some tips, lets just say  from a “committee of girlfriends” COG (not my hand writing o) Here goes

1.Smile.COG submitted that they found men love smiling woman and will make a move on them first before they even look at the serious looking over confident ones 

2,Show interest in subtle ways, ask questions about his work, values, goals. Make sure you are genuinely interests in same then do not forget to complement his achievements no mater how minimal and show just how impressed you are

3.Create scenarios that make him feel strong and needed around you, ask for his help to do tasks like fixing things around the house and thank him profusely for his help do not forget to mention you could never have done it without him. Make him feel he is your hero 

4.Be consistent, yes because ladies have baggage, hormonal changes that affect your mood causing mood swings will confuse him, always keep your pleasant disposition around him, your conversation too must be direct and not ambiguous, say ” can we see  the new  movie together at the  cinema this weekend”, not”  I would love to see the new movie this weekend”

5.Use your eyes, your eyes are a great tool to let a man know that you are interested. The eyes of a woman who doesn’t care about a man look ordinary. They don’t express any emotions. Men can subconsciously understand that, and they lose hope. Don’t let this happen. Squint your eyes a little bit when you ask a man a question. For him, it will look like you are examining him, which means that you are interested, Now have a round table discussion with your girls and share more tips, I am sure you can come up with quite a few. Indeed there is a better way to get your crush to notice you and do the needful

Good Luck

Happy weekend.

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