Weekend Gossip-“Pepper Them Gang” Negatives

I was out school shopping with a friend who recently relocated to Abuja on transfer from Lagos. she cold not help but express her shock at the high fees in all the schools we had visited so far. If you want a good standard such as the one we offer here, it comes with a price the head teacher tried to explain. Standard fire she exclaimed ! we get the same for less in Lagos. Haba!

As we drove away to check out the last two schools on our list she prayed out loud, “Lord there are only two more, Lead me to the right one” This Abuja will I survive it, you people and pepper them gang, please o I am a “Lagosian”, I do not have to belong o, where I am coming from, we have options. what do you mean I asked rolling with laughter at the expression on her face

Ha,we know what you people do here o she replied making a face,And what exactly do we do I further inquired ‘I really want to know .You drive big cars and buy expensive gadgets, it seems to me too that it matters so much to you lot to belong to the “pepper them” gang and to achieve that, your children too must attend schools with exorbitant school fees all in the name of one “yeye” class struggle,meanwhile some of them are struggling to pay fees o. Guess what the accountant in one of the schools told me in confidence that many parents are owing a whooping sum in fees, hence the school came up with the incentive to give 20% discounts to parents who are willing to pay bulk fees for a full session. Meanwhile see the kind of exotic cars that came to drop off children while we were there,yet they owe fees I just wonder.

I wont have you talk about Abuja people like that o, apologize already ,else I drop you by the roadside now, get down from this car I threatened jokingly “Emabinu o” I am sorry, she said playfully as we made our way to the parking lot of yet another school,fingers crossed ,hoping for the best

When I got home later that day, I could not help but think about all my friend had said, my focus really was the negative effects on the children of “pepper them gang ” parents

Very recently, a popular school in the FCT had to cancel sharing of party loot bags for children during school parties as parents had turned it into a competition to show who is who,consequently children will fight and reign insults on each other involving parents, you would hear stuff like, my party pack was packaged from Dubai but yours was from the market. or I was born in the states you were born in the village etc, who poisoned their innocent minds ,who taught them such vain values.

When I was growing up and not too long ago, fights among children ended up in ” I will not be your friend again, or I will tell my mummy for You” but now the focus is on what car your parents drive, where you spend holidays, if you are citizen of a foreign land etc.

Truly this is madness.We need to cook some of that pepper for parents !The very hot one called Cameroon pepper which by the way is believed to be the hottest so they can see that though when used in right proportions pepper can spice up food and give it great taste , great damage can occur when misused

What is the point, is it wrong to send children to good schools when you can afford them even if they cost a little more, by all means No.. however what values,what motives, what criteria guides your judgement, because you will pass on same to your children and then who will end the vicious circle of rejection,discrimination and struggle to belong which has caused and continues to cause havoc in many homes,in many lives

“Slay” Mum and Dad, please lets “Pepper them” with good morals, great principles.leadership skills,value and respect for people, and very importantly quality education too

I am counting on you, Good luck and by the way, My friend finally found a school and her children have since resumed .Plus,she met some good parents too who have changed for the better her earlier perception of Abuja people,and she confessed same. Else, I would have told her too what Abuja people think of “Lagosians” and that is how the quarrel will start, Thank God o..I know you are laughing hard now

Have a Great weekend

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