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Weekend Gossip-Overcoming Frivolous spending And Broke Weekends.

23 May 2019 Blog

The general opinion is that being broke on weekends is harder to Manage than on week days, this may not be a proven fact ,but I can tell you for a fact, days are longer on weekends when one is broke and the sun also seems to burn hotter too. I can tell for a fact you are laughing out loud right now if you can relate.well,there will always be good days and bad days as far as cash flow is concerned but there is something we can do to make coping easier, here are some easy but sure ways according to www.cosmopolitan.com

1. Be grateful for what you already have. When you can’t carelessly spend your money the way that you’d like, it’s so easy to complain. Sometimes you forget about the things you should be thankful for: a roof over your head, clothes on your body, friends, family, etc. You have to remind yourself that things could be way, way worse and someone out there is a far more critical situation than you. Practicing gratitude, even in the smallest ways, will make a big difference.

2. Don’t stress about bills, but accept them because they’re going to be in your life forever. You know what they say, there’s no point in stressing over things you can’t control. Whether you like it or not, a part of being an independent “grown-up” is paying bills. Every month, you should factor them into your budget prior to frivolously spending your money. Even if all your money goes to bills, be happy that you’re a responsible adult.

3. Do fun, free stuff with friends on weekends Get creative about how you spend your free time. Not everything costs money. Some of the most memorable times with friends you must agree haven’t cost a dime. Have picnics in the park, and go to free art museums or street fairs. Especially if you live in a metropolitan area, your options are endless. Don’t be ashamed to look for free stuff or pass on a dinner invite because your funds are looking kind of low.

4. Meal prep during the week so you won’t feel bad about splurging on the weekends. If you don’t know how to cook, you better teach yourself now. You will thank yourself later because meal prepping saves you soooo much money. Blowing all your money on takeout every other day of your life is cutting your weekend budget in half. Instead, get up and go grocery shopping. Start with something simple: protein and veggies. Boom! You’re done. Make big portions of everything so you can have it for lunch the next few days.

5. Remember that this is only temporary. You have to constantly remind yourself that this is just the beginning. You might not have all the money in the world right now but who knows what you’ll have five years from now? To practice this mindset, set feasible financial and career goals for yourself at the beginning of each month. Set yearly goals too. Pushing through this tough time will add a hell of a lot of character to your testimony.


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