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Weekend Gossip; Na So We See Am

15 January 2021 Blog

So many people just felt very strongly that  somehow the pandemic will fade away with 2020 and come 2021 everything will return to normal, well it turns out that is not what is happening .However, we move ! Life goes on, Na so we see am

The pandemic is still very much with us, and so are the face masks, hand sanitizers, travel restrictions  and covid 19 protocol at social gatherings. Speaking of masks, I plead with you some of the masks I see around can cause suffocation, I could have sworn the one I saw on someone yesterday looked like it was made from a fabric of a worn out canopy Ah ah, lets borrow ourselves some sense biko, stay safe do not suffocate

How are you doing? I mean that genuinely and this time I will not mind my business, I am truly concerned about you

How is your family, have you resumed work onsite  or are you working from home? How are the senior citizens whom are said to be most vulnerable , Does mum or dad live with you? Take special care of them

Whatever the case and wherever you are, please dear brother or sister reading this, you are the world to someone so by all means  stay safe, Wear your breathable face masks, maintain hygiene and if you must go out observe all necessary protocol

It has not always been like this and it will definitely not always be like this, but for now na so we see am, so suffer it to be so, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, by God this too will pass so no go dey do pass yourself just take one day at a time

Have a good weekend jare, Take care of yourself, stay safe

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