Weekend Gossip; It Is Everybody’s Business

E don reach make we return to the old fashioned style of parenting where it took a whole village to raise a child o. chai, this matter no be the one wey you go say make person mind their business at all

Have you seen the videos making waves on the social media lately? From porn to drugs and whatever else there is, sadly too the people in the videos are children! Yes you read that right ages from as little as seven years(7yrs) and above

Again you see why the matter is everybody’s business. Hmmm  , If you get  hold of any information that can help to curb all these type of evils among our children , never hesitate to share like the one I am about to share now, someone sent it to me and I think it worth  sharing, (Author Unknown)

If you are a parent, Aspiring to be one, Guardian, Elder brother or sister, Aunty or Uncle, there are ways you can help guard what feeds the mind of our young ones, access to social media can be harmful influence depending on what type of content is consumed. Please read and take note of the following

  1. When registering a gmail account for children(In these times most schools require it for online learning)Use their correct ages and your gmail as the parent account
  2. Install a google family link in your own phone
  3. Add the children’s registered email to your google family link
  4. Factory reset their android devices if they already have devices then login with their own Gmail account linked with your google family link
  5. Activate all new devices with The Childs personal Gmail account
  6. Step 4 and 5 above allows you to  get a notification  enabling them to activate the device and They will require your permission hence forth notifications will be sent to you this is the beginning of taking control of what they are exposed to from anywhere you are
  7. Consequently adult content can not be uploaded on their phone based on age restrictions
  8. They can not upload anything without your approval remotely from the family link
  9. You can lock their device from anywhere
  10. You can manage screen time, set start and stop time and the device will shut down accordingly
  11. They will not have access to adult content from YouTube too
  12. Upload the YT kids for children  rather than You tube
  13. From your google family link you can view their usage history, ie apps used, duration etc
  14. God help us all and keep our children in the right path

Good luck and Happy weekend

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