Weekend Gossip; Gramma No Be by force O

So there is this new pizza joint  strategically located opposite the children’s school, sometimes they even position their marketing staff in the parking lot to distribute flyers and tell of their mouth watering deals

I was only minding my business as I opened the door for my 6 year old to get in the car when this Aunty suddenly appeared beside me with a smile and a plan. My daughter fell for it and so because she had been such a good girl this week with confirmation from her teachers remarks in her communication book, I decided she had earned herself a treat

We got into the pizza place and while waiting for our order , a young lady strolled in. I am guessing she should be in her twenties and most likely a maid, the following conversation between herself and the attendant is hilarious o

Girl  ..My madam say make I come ask how much be freezer

Attendant… what?

Girl..How much be your freezer

Attendant.. I think you are in the wrong place please check the electronic shop in the next plaza

Girl .(.getting impatient) Na here na, we see as people dey buy the freezer comot so my madam say make I come ask

Attendant .. please tell your madam we do not have

Attendant.. Madam your order is ready, Handing me my pizza

Girl..( really angry) no be the freeza be dis, you no wan sell market, I kuku no send you

She marched out angrily returning with and equally angry Madam

I made sure I got outside safely with my pizza before I exploded with laughter…

I know you want to know what happened when the Madam came hersef.. Amebo you too like gist

Happy weekend jare, you too can buy yourself one  “freezer ” or better still how about baking one for yourself to avoid stories that touch and cool body jor

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