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Weekend Gossip; A Young Lady Saved My Marriage-56 Year Old Mum Of 4

25 September 2020 Blog

Women should work together I tell you, there is so much power to harness if only they learn to put away the malice, jealousy, and envy there is really no need for that ,All Women Should be there for one another no matter the age or race

I was minding my business when a friend shared this with me, The testimony of an Older women shared at their women’s fellowship ,permit  me to share it with you

Mrs Jakonda(not real name) was still very good looking at her age and you could tell she was a real beauty in her time. Tall,dark and with a body that looked like sculptured art, She even still had that graceful walk.

However behind that radiant smile of hers that revealed a set of  perfect white teeth was deep sorrow from the trials she had faced in her marriage of nearly 25 years to Mr. Pius Jakonka popularly known as PJ.

PJ made it no secret that he loved beautiful women and his very beautiful wife was never enough for him

Mrs Jakonda drove into the spa this fateful day, after yet another episode of infidelity in her marriage, this time it was so bad that the lady in question came to her home to enquire of her husband and when she would not have it , the lady insulted her and her husband not only did nothing ,but drove off with the same lady and did not return home that day, she  was going crazy, she desperately needed an escape and the Beauty spa was her safe place

Soon as she got in, the Lady who was waiting  her turn at the reception screamed excitedly  Fantastic Franca! is this really you…Oh wow, Emilia its is me o, Franca Jakonda Managed a smile, Do you come here often, how come we never met till now, No replied Emilia, its actually my daughter who brought me here today, she just found out about this place and advised I should try it. Emilia  now  turned to the young lady in her twenties beside her, kiki come and meet my friend and class mate you may call her Aunt Franca,  Do not mind your Mum said Franca pulling her close in a warm hug, you can call me Mummy, at least now I  have a daughter since God decided to bless me with all boys. Kiki liked her already

kiki could not  help but listen in on her mothers conversation with her friend  as Franca unburdened herself of the load in her heavy heart and kiki could not believe her luck when she realized that the same girl she was contending with  for the love of her life was the same girl dating Mr, jakonda, she was armed with enough information to prove  Josephine was cheating with a married man, information that was sure to get Anselm far away from Josephine for Good

When they returned home, Kiki told her Mum she had a plan, which she executed brilliantly, armed with relevant information supplied by her Mothers friend. The cheating couple were set up, the result was amazing. Anselm ended his relationship with Josephine in a public show of shame , he stormed in on them at the  apartment Mr  Jakonda had rented for her, Mr Jakonda  was thoroughly humiliated and caught on camera  pleading for his life as Anselm and his friends threated to take his life. He was devastated to learn that  his mistress was in a serious relationship with a younger man whom she planned to marry all the while he was spending lavishly on her, he also recognized the expensive wristwatch  Anselm was  wearing, one he had bought on a trip to  Italy and given to Josephine as a gift for her father. To think that he was almost considering making her a second wife.

He subsequently  threw Josephine out of the apartment and returned  home sober to his wife to make Amends. Franca got her Husband and home back.

Grateful for another chance at life, The once notorious PJ has remained sober .

Kiki  and Anselm should be getting married soon, Do not say I gossip too much o, but I know you like to know all the juicy details, I  hear traditional rites were hurriedly done because kiki is with child and they will be conducting an Anglican wedding soon

Josephine lost it all,Pj, Anselm,her house,her car.'”Eeeya,”but “Mtoor”

Hmmn, I love Happy endings , How can I mind my business ?Biko I have to share it with you, And  for any other Josephine out there, one day na one day, Franca Will meet Kiki, If you have ears biko hear oo

Happy Weekend

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