Weekend Gossip; A Person Of Peace Is Not Unskilled At War

A Person Of Peace Is Not Unskilled At War

Garba shocked not just me yesterday, he shocked everyone. The unassuming, jolly, ever smiling  humble ,peaceful and quiet looking Garba  beat the hell out of Mustafa, popularly called  Musty .Musty  and Garba are attendants  at a  fuel station within town

During the recent Shortage in fuel within the city which lasted a few days   with queues steadily building up in most filling stations, Musty used the opportunity to make a fortune for himself. Garba had cautioned him against it but he did not listen, he took his gentle nature for granted and rather than heed Garba’s advice , he taunted him saying Garba was jealous and broke.

However, Because he is well-mannered and Good natured ,Garba choose to ignore him

In the morning of yesterday when they got to work ,  Garba had a little emergency and asked another colleague for financial assistance. Somehow, Musty got to know and started to tease Garba about it saying how beggarly and broke he was yet when an opportunity to make extra money presented itself Garba was not man enough to take it

Garba was attending to a customer at the time so he remained calm and said nothing, Musty went on and on, I guess he never expected a reaction because everyone knows Garba to be a gentle man, every customer that patronizes that filling station looks forward to meeting Garba ,he is just so pleasant ,His style of speaking English amuses you and every encounter with him is a delight that will brighten your day

So nothing would have prepared Musty for what was coming, Without warning Garba  jumped him from behind and with one swift move landed him on the floor and after 2 hot slaps on both cheeks which made Musty scream like a child Garba got up but not without a stern warning to Musty never to insult him again, I would rather be broke than be a thief like you he said

After the initial shock to Garbas reaction, the laughter that followed from everyone present  was contagious, Musty got up with his hands covering  his face {probably out of shame } and walked away slowly, he missed a step and fell down again provoking even more laughter

I had just driven in to buy fuel as well and just in time to witness the whole drama too.Though everyone was shocked at Garba’s reaction, No one blamed him after another colleague of theirs narrated what led to the incident. He said it serves Musty right. Hear him “Every time Musty dey find Garba trouble just because the man na peace loving man, today him don show say him mumu don do haba, I sure say Musty no go try am again for him life”

What’s  more? Musty is probably in trouble now as the station manager got to know of this fraudulent fuel business, he may lose his job for that, and one of Garba’s customers gifted him a huge sum of money to settle the emergency that caused the problem in the first place, Wow!

I finished buying fuel and drove off with a very important lesson which is why I am sharing with you   and that is never to take anyone for granted. People who   always choose peace may be even better fighters, never abuse their gentle nature, it does not mean they are unskilled at war.

Do not say I did not warn you O, You do not have to learn the lesson the hard way like Musty did

Mind your Business this weekend o, and stay safe

Cheers and Happy Weekend

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