Weekend Digest;The Struggle Is Real For the Determined Nigerian Youth


We see them all the time on our streets, waiting by traffic lights and when they turn red, they swing into action with such speed and accuracy as though they had an inbuilt timer in their wrists, with just a bottle of water mixed with detergent and a handmade brush made from a dry stick , foam and rope to tie it all together.They work with such precision and get the windscreen cleaned before the lights turn green again

For some ,their courage is admirable.For others they are mostly a nuisance. Car owners can be seen using their wipers and angrily asking them to stop. while some others may show appreciation and even give them a tip

This week I encountered this young man, let us call him Benjamin. sitting by the street corner, obviously tired and dejected, with detergent mix and brush in hand.obviously he had been through a hard day ,under the scourging sun and had his windscreen polish offer turned down by motorists,I had just witnessed one right in front of me and now he was approaching my vehicle with unsure steps

I looked at the traffic light, about 42 seconds before it would turn green, even if I wanted to encourage him, how could he be done in such a short time,Before I could blink he had swung into action, there were 12 seconds left when he was done, wow ! I gave him a little token as the light turned green and i drove off, I turned to my side mirror just in time to catch a glimpse of him buying pure water from a hawker right there in front of him . I could not help but think if the water he bought was his first meal, and if the hawker-he bought from just recorded his first sale

Now lets look at the bigger picture, on one hand these hawkers and street cleaners can constitute a nuisance, on the other hand though would you rather have these able bodied young men carry ammunition and go the other way.No not at all.. But there must be a way.

Respect to all the Youth who will keep the struggle alive,Can we help find a better way?


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