The Wedding Party 2 Official Trailer Is Out [Watch]

The much anticipated Wedding Party 2 is ready to hit the cinemas, but first, a sneak peak.

The Wedding Party, a production of the ELFIKE Film Collective, has released an official trailer and new poster for The Wedding Party 2.

The movie which is a partnership between EbonyLife Films, FilmOneDistribution, Inkblot Productions and Koga Studios is set to hit cinemas this December. Yay!!!

Mo Abudu, CEO, EbonyLife Films and Chinaza Onuzo, Co-founder, Inkblot Productions have shared their excitement on this next instalment.

Chinaza Onuzo said;

“The trailer is a fun way to reveal some of The Wedding Party 2 story. Audiences will enjoy its narrative, possibly even more than the original film. It was a pleasure developing the plot and bringing it to life.”


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The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai will have its Lagos premiere on December 10, with cinema release on December 15 in Nigeria.

The cast is returning for another wedding in Dubai to continue the epic and hilarious story that got Nigerians thrilled and entertained last year. 

Watch trailer below;


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