WBFA Partners Humanitarian NGO To Support Mothers MamaCare Program

 The Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA) has gone into collaboration with Envision Global Care Foundation (EGCF), an NGO active on the frontlines of humanitarian and other development initiatives, to support about 30 at-need mothers within the MamaCare Antenatal and Postnatal Education Program in Abuja, FCT.

 Wellbeing Foundation Africa collaborates with Envision Global Care Foundation to support mothers in MamaCare ProgramThis support is borne out of both partners’ desire to improve Nigeria’s maternal and newborn health indices, by ensuring that women deliver babies safely, and under quality, supportive and facility-based care.

Nigeria’s maternal mortality ratio currently stands at 814 deaths per 100,000 live births, while its neonatal mortality rate is 34.7 deaths per 1,000 live births.

This can be drastically reduced if more mothers deliver in healthcare facilities, and what the collaboration between WBFA and EGCF aims to achieve is to incentivise and cover the costs of facility-based deliveries.

Dr. Luther-King Fasehun, WBFA’s Nigeria Country Director, commented: “I commend Envision Global Care Foundation for their decision to partner with us in supporting mothers in our MamaCare program in Abuja; this will enable the MamaCare program extend its provision of financial support to at-need mothers, and ensure that they have the best care possible during and after delivery.”

Wellbeing Foundation Africa collaborates with Envision Global Care Foundation to support mothers in MamaCare Program“With the current maternal and neonatal mortality indices, partnerships such as this will further ensure that mothers can access quality in-facility care, whenever necessary. Our MamaCare Antenatal and Postnatal Program has, through the years, provided support for over 200,000 women across the various states of Nigeria, and this partnership will further strengthen our successes and help reach more mothers within the FCT.”

In a remarks, the Program Director for Envision Global Care Foundation, Ms Chinonyerem Ndukwe, stated that, “On this day, as we launch our partnership with  Wellbeing Foundation Africa to improve access to safe, facility based delivery for undeserved women, we are particularly proud of this achievement and hopeful that it can be scaled up to more women across Nigeria in our bid to attain Sustainable Development Goal 3.”



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