WaterAid ,CODE Launch Campaign To Curb Menace Of Vote Buying

WaterAid Nigeria in partnership with Connected Development has launched a National campaign, VOTE4WASH as part of measures to curb the menace of vote buying and mobilise candidates and its political parties to be focused on social development.

The initiative will prioritize and mainstream water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in 2019 electioneering process and political conversation at the sub national level.

The Country Director of WaterAid, who was represented by the Coordinator Policy and Social capacity, Saheed Mustafa said there was the need for stakeholders and citizens to hold conversation on policy proposals captured in the manifestos of the political parties as it affects WASH.

According to him, the statistics regarding WASH in Nigeria is very discouraging.

” Vote4WASH is calling on all Nigerians to recognise and appreciate the actual power of elections and vote for issues that directly enhance living standards of the citizens.

It is highly essential to take note of project implementation timelines and specific pronouncement by candidates.”

He further noted that the citizen should ensure that the politicians commit to adequate budgetary provisions and appropriations as enshrined in the constitution.

He also noted that WaterAid in collaboration with CODE will mobilise Nigerians at the Grassroot level on the importance of hygiene.

The Chief Executive Officer of Connected Development, Hamza Lawal disclosed that the VOTE4WASH project will aid in ensuring that Nigeria achieve SDGs Goal 6.

He emphasized on the fact that annually about 60,000 Nigerian children under the age of five die of WASH related diseases.

“With about 12 years left to attain the Sustainable Development goals (Vision2030), it is essential for all Nigerians to place value on the issue of Water Sanitation and Hygiene.”

“The Civil Societies organisation will organise debate to commit the politicians to Water Sanitation and hygiene”.

According to Hamza politicians would be made to sign pledge cards that would seal their commitment.

“At the end of each meeting, the proceedings will be documented and collated for continuos engagement after the elections for improved service delivery at the grassroot level”.

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