USOSA Partners FG On Education

The Unity Schools Old Students Association (USOSA) has pledged to partner the Federal Government to help restore the glory of unity schools.

The newly elected President General, Mr Lawrence Wilbert, made this pledge while addressing a press conference on the sideline of the association’s Annual General Meeting and general elections in Abuja.

The current President General, Lawrence Wilbert and the immediate past PG, Chidi Odinkalu

Wilbert said there was a need for all stakeholders to do everything within their various capacities to ensure the purpose of establishing unity schools was not defeated.

“By coming on board right now, my job really is to provide purposeful leadership to bring the coalition of unity schools alumni associations together to make sure we can engage properly the Federal Government, for an enhanced focus on public schools with emphasis on the 104 unity schools across the country.

“I want to commit my coalition of alumni bodies to partner with the Federal Government to make sure we get the schools back to standard and to what they used to be, the pride of education in Nigeria.

“ We will be looking to do as key stakeholders of these schools, to engage the owners of these schools, being the Federal Ministry of Education, and engage both national and state legislature on issues pertaining to education.


“The alumni association already contributes, I dare say, as much as the Federal Government, towards maintaining the schools right now.”

“It is no sentiment; we are actually giving back our resources and time to make sure the schools are maintained. It is a lot of work.”

“We want to create that movement where we properly engage them, where we bring education to what it should be,’’ the President- General said.

Wilbert further stated that the association would engage the Federal Government to increase the allocation for education to 15 per cent minimum.

“He, however, applauded the National Executive Council for pushing the states to allocate 15 per cent of their budget to education.

Also speaking, the newly elected secretary General, Mr Nasir Wasagu, said one of the key objectives of the association was to promote national unity and integration.

“ Basically, USOSA as an association is interested in constructively engaging with the Federal Government of Nigeria as a major stakeholder in education, especially relating to government policies and legislations.

He further stated that the unity schools symbolise unity because children between the ages of 10 and 12 were put together under one roof forgetting where they come from diverse locations in Nigeria with the aim of educating them together, and of course harnessing the potential in them as one people.

“You will agree with me that that the essence of national unity and integration is needed in this country, now more than ever and there is nobody to help the Federal Government foster the unity needed in this country more than the products of unity schools.

“And that is going to be the primary objective of this executive, before we now go further to see how we can engage the Federal Government in advancing the course of education generally,’’ he said.

The Unity Schools Old Students Association (USOSA)is Africa’s largest coalition of alumni associations, made up of old students associations and old girs associations of 104 unity schools in Nigeria.

Unity schools were conceptualized as centers of national integration and unity, and has over the years produced millions of Nigerians who have reached commanding heights in the academia, in business, and in the intelligentsia. Most importantly the unity schools have produced generations of detribalised Nigerians with national ethos engrained in their hearts.

USOSA had its Elctoral Annual General Meeting on Saturday 20th of October, 2018, during which Lawrence Wilbert of FGC Ugwolawo was elected the President General.

The complete list of the newly sworn in USOSA shown below:

1. President General -Lawrence Wilbert (FGC Ugwolawo OSA)

2. Vice President General- Michael Magaji (FGC Jos OSA)

3. Secretary General- Nasir Wasagu (FGC Kano OSA)

4. Treasurer – Osaigbovo Ezekiel (FGGC Benin OGA)

5. Publicity Secretary- Sotonye Edohore (FGGC Langtang OGA)

6. Welfare Secretary- Khadizat Bisallah (FGGC Bida OGA)

7. Financial Secretary- Kingsley Anene (FGC Warri OSA)

8. Legal Adviser -Amure Chinedu (FGGC Bakori OGA)

9. Auditor – Idike Odiri (FGC Lagos OSA)

10. Assistant Secretary General- Chioma Aninwe (FGGC Abuloma OGA)

11. Assistant Publicity Secretary- Mohammed S. Keana (FGC Keffi OSA)

12. Assistant Financial Secretary- Adil Hamman (FGC Maiduguri OSA)

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