Up To 4,000 UK Prisoners Could Be Released Early

4 April 2020 International News

Report say, Up to 4,000 prisoners could be released from jails in England and Wales early because of the coronavirus.

Those convicted of violent crimes and sex offences will be excluded from the early-release scheme.

According to report, Inmates with two months or less to serve will be eligible for release on temporary licence.

It follows concerns that hospitals could be overwhelmed if the virus continues to spread in prisons.

So far, 88 prisoners across 29 jails have tested positive. A further 1,200 are believed to be self-isolating.

About 8,000 prison staff have been absent due to issues related to the virus – around a quarter of the total workforce in jails.

The Scottish government is considering similar measures and in Northern Ireland up to 200 offenders are being released early.


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