Trump Unleashes Avalanche Of Repeat Lies At First Presidential Debate

30 September 2020 International News


The first 2020 presidential debate Tuesday night in Cleveland featured an avalanche of lies from President Donald Trump — while Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was largely accurate in his statements, though he did make some false or misleading claims.

There were times, particularly during the conclusion of the debate, when almost every comment from Trump was inaccurate. Most of his false claims were ones he’s made before and which have been repeatedly fact-checked and found to be false, rather than one-time slips or gaffes.
Fox News’s Chris Wallace moderated the debate, which covered both candidates’ records as well as the Supreme Court vacancy, Covid-19, the economy, the recent racial justice protests across the country and questions about the integrity of the upcoming election.
Here’s what they said.

Poll watching

Trump brought up a dispute between poll watchers who support his campaign and election officials in Philadelphia.
“As you know today, there was a big problem,” Trump said. “In Philadelphia, they went in to watch. They were called poll watchers. A very safe, very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren’t allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things.”
Earlier on Tuesday, Trump tweeted that the poll watchers were kicked out because of “corruption.” Other Trump campaign aides flooded social media with complaints about the incident.
Trump’s version of what happened is highly misleading. Some pro-Trump poll watchers were turned away from voting sites in Philadelphia. But local officials said this was done because poll watchers — from either party — are allowed only to observe voting at in-person sites on Election Day in November.
Local officials said the poll watchers were turned away because state law allows poll watchers only to participate on Election Day, and that the locations that were open for voting on Tuesday were larger election offices where other services are provided — meaning poll watchers aren’t allowed inside.
Deputy Commissioner Nick Custodio, whose office runs the election in the city, told CNN earlier on Tuesday that he encountered someone associated with the Trump campaign who wanted to observe at two in-person voting locations.
Custodio told CNN they were denied access because the “satellite election offices” are not the same as Election Day polling places and provide other election services.
David Becker, founder of the nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation and Research, responded to Trump’s debate comments, calling them “misinformation” about voting procedures in a key swing state.
“President is spreading misinformation about poll watchers in PA. Poll watchers can’t even be certified yet in PA. You can tell who knows they’re winning by who supports the legal process,” he tweeted.

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