Train Crushes Woman To Death In Lagos

Residents of Shogunle around Oshodi in Lagos were shocked on Thursday when a moving passenger train crushed a middle-aged woman to death.

According to NAN, the deceased was sitting across the railway track when the Ogun-bound train approached her.

Oblivious of the approaching train in spite of repeated honk by the train driver, the woman made no move to leave the track.

The incident happened few meters away from the Arena Shopping Complex, Oshodi. “Within a twinkle of an eye, the fast-approaching train ran into the woman and dismembered her body,” NAN said in its report. Passersby and sympathisers were said to have gathered round her corpse.

It was not the first time a moving train would crush to death people standing on the rail track.

TRAIN DEATHLast year an unidentified young man with earphone on was killed by a passenger train at Cappa area of Oshodi, a lady in 2006,  at Shogunle GRA railway crossing, while another one was  also killed in 2007 at Oshodi.


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