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Tosin Kehinde Could Be The First Nigerian To Play For Manchester United Star

28 July 2017 News Sport

When John Mikel Obi was unveiled by Manchester United in a hastily arranged press conference in 2005, it was a long-awaited moment for football lovers in Nigeria.

The Premier League at that time had been hugely followed in Nigeria for a number of years with almost half of the league enthusiasts being fans of Manchester United.

Mikel Obi’s signing was to be a very significant one for Manchester United in Nigeria as the first Nigerian to ever play for the club.

Considering how most from the Arsenal fan base in Nigeria started supporting the Gunners because of Kanu Nwankwo, the signing of the next-big thing from Nigeria was supposed to make Manchester United more popular in Nigeria.

But that was not to be and what followed was the now infamous story of how Chelsea came in and snagged Mikel.

It’s been more than 10 years and no Nigerian player has still been close to playing for Manchester United.

In Tosin Kehinde however, Nigeria have a new ray of hope of having one of their own donning the famous shirt of the Red Devils.

Kehinde is currently in the youth team of Manchester United and while they have been other Nigerians in the Manchester United reserves. The 19-year-old has shown promise that has made Nigerians to start dreaming.

Born in Lagos and raised in England, Kehinde first started in London with Tottenham before he was signed by Manchester United.

It’s still a long road for him before he can get the opportunity to play for Manchester United senior team but the midfielder has set his sights on it.

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