Top 5 Amazing Ideas For Christmas Vacation In Nigeria

yankariChristmas is around the corner and for most families its the only time they get to spend time together on vacation to bond as a family.

However, with the recent state of economy and current exchange rates,vacations abroad are not looking feasible…I consider that a blessing  because there are so many amazing places to visit here in Nigeria but sadly most families that have traveled the world on vacations have never bothered with the amazing vacation stops right under their noses!

I think, no no, i know this Christmas will be a great time to start, try one of the following amazing suggestions .Not to worry can thank me Goes

1.Obudu Ranch Resort in Cross River State is mind blowing, in fact i believe it is illegal for such beauty to exist all in one place Haba!.. It is undoubtedly the perfect blend of nature and modernity; horse riding,born fires,water park, walks in the forest,beautiful melodies from twitters of birds the very place to establish bonds with spouse and family, WH

Is anything more beautiful than Mother Nature?obudu-2


2.Tinapa Resort

tinapa-3   Still in Calabar ,Cross River state,is the beautiful Tinapa.Who says you can not have it all? Want to combine business and leisure / oya, lets go there.Tinapa Resort offers numerous business opportunities,it is a free trade zone. SSssh (do  not say i told you o) I learnt electronic items are sold at unbeatable prices there,plus there is a casino,children’s arcade,an amphitheater and 8 screen digital cinema!

Finally do not miss the colourfull calabar festival…See you there!


3. The Marina resort offers a cinema,jet ski rides,an audio visual of the slave trade museum and boat rides on the calabar river creek..All hail Calabar!


4.Abraka Turf And Country Club

Away from Calabar,we come to Delta state..Abraka Turf and country club, let me say the land is indeed green as the first thing you will notice on arrival is its well manicured green lawn with horses grazing which kind of welcomes you with a feeling of absolute peace and tranquility


abraka-horse fishing,swimming and first-class accommodation are available,the mysteriously clear river Ethiope is a great catch, the river is so clear you can see the fish swimming therein! it is also amazingly affordable,whatever your budget..there’s a place for you in Abraka this Christmas!



5. The Yankari established as a  Game Reserve  1956 in Bauchi state  later became a National park in 1991 and is home to over 50 species of wild life  .including lions,zebras and mischievous baboons but also a warm resort for visitors all year round If you love mother-nature this is the place for you,it is exciting,beautiful and also very affordable


yankari-wild so while you take a deep in the warm spring you better guard your belongings from the baboons                                   bb


From all of us at kfm multimedia,may your days be merry and your Christmas be grand!



Oh yes, Christmas is exactly 62days away, Not too early to start planning.

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