Tonto Dikeh Admits To Being Depressed With A Phobia For Pregnancy

Tonto Dikeh admits to being depressed with a major phobia for pregnancy.

Tonto Charity Dikeh was at the Kapital FM studio today and chatted with Radio Nigeria presenters, Terry Tshakes Ikumi and Princess Akporaro. She talked about life growing up, speaking her dialect, dealing with negative comments on social media and letting go of the past.

The mum of one says her greatest joy in life was becoming a mother although she used to have a phobia for pregnancy.

In the interview below, she also explained how she used to be depressed, but believing in God, a higher power, took her out of it.

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Her mission now is is to be a ‘super mum‘.

“trying to nurture my child in the best way and putting more energy into my work, my foundation.”

The Nollywood actress also said she’s looking to produce more and act less. She explained that her goal now isn’t to make a name, but making the name relevant.

“I wouldn’t be doing movies like I used to. If I do five movies a year, that would be enough for me.”

When asked for details on the issue surrounding her marriage and giving back the pride price she said it’s the past and needs to remain there.

“I’m all about moving forward. What you saw on the internet… that’s self explanatory.

Case closed.”

Tonto Dikeh is committed to helping the motherless, less privileged and all those who need assistance in the society.

What do you think of her now compared to her Nollywood days?

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