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Toke Makinwa Is Not An Actor But Hopes To Feature In 3 Movies A Year

23 April 2019 Entertainment

The On-Air Personality, in an interview with STV, says she wants to have a well-grounded career rather than be viewed only and majorly as an actor. Makinwa wants a well-rounded career which will see her make major inputs in radio, TV, and movies.A

I wouldn’t call myself an actor because a lot of people put in too much of their time and effort into building their life and time as actors. I want to have a well-rounded career. I want to do movies, I want to do TV, I want to do radio,” the writer and top Vlogger said.

Nonetheless, Makinwa hopes to wear the hat of a producer and own a movie someday. She also looks forward to appearing in a stipulated number of movies each year. 

I want to write my own movie one day at that and hopefully be a producer. So, if time permits, I will be doing two more scripts this year and I would like to do two or three scripts a year,” she remarked.

Makinwa also hints at stretching herself for any role she decides to accept. She says she will readily play a romantic role as it doesn’t pose any serious pressure on her ability to interpret the role.

The 34-year-old author was quick to say the love to interpret a role and do so efficiently while entertaining and educating was responsible for her acting debut. Makinwa also said though her debut was in a comedy, the script resonated with her and the cast were top professionals.

For the love of the craft. If I did not love it, I would not do it regardless of how much is being offered. And it was worth it because I had to take time out from my regular job.” 

Movie adaptations of the stories on ‘Queen Amina’ or ‘Efunroye Tinubu’ are some of the epic stories that excite Makinwa. Makinwa has her sights on establishing herself as a powerful force in the movie industry by playing a major role in an epic movie. She looks forward to taking up a role in an epic movie if the script and production are right.

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