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It Is Time to Say No, To Choose Yourself,To Be Your Own Top Priority!

10 May 2017 Blog

Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity. ~ W. Clement Stone


Have you  been a people pleaser ? Always  doing what You  think will make the people around you  happy.

Needless to say, your own happiness is  probably at rock bottom of  your list of priorities?

What were you thinking?….  that you would be happy when everyone around you  was happy? well think again because that this time never comes.  Making everyone around you  happy is completely impossible infact it is totally insane to think you want to try!

No one and nothing outside of you can make you happy.  Happiness comes from within.  It’s a choice.

Your ability to momentarily please people (or not) depends on how they choose to perceive your  actions.  What may be helpful to one person could be interference to another.

So take a deep breath for the moment of truth, the only one you want to please is you, the only one you can make happy is you!

Hard saying, but its the fact.. when dealing with hard core truths it’s our logical mind that gets it first.  Initially our subconscious fights the new thought because it “knows” differently.

The two minds battle it out as the logical mind shows the subconscious all the obvious evidence to support the new belief.  The subconscious fights it with lots of “yeah, but’s.”

As long as we keep thinking the new belief and seeking out evidence to prove it, eventually our subconscious mind gives up and takes on the new belief.

Once You  believe that it is not up to you  to make everyone happy, you  will finally  be able to focus on what makes  you happy.


Choose Yourself First

We’re programmed to believe that pursuing our own happiness is selfish.  Like we’re not supposed to be happy until we make everyone else around us happy first.

This comes from the same warped thinking that keeps us from doing things we enjoy because we have to finish all the un-fun work that never ends first.

Those rules are total BS.  They’ve created nothing but misery for millions of people.

It’s time to wake up to your new, happier way of being.

It all starts by putting yourself first.  Go ahead.  be a little selfish You’ll also be happy!

Putting yourself first means saying no much more often than you’re probably used to.  Start getting used to it.

Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best. ~ John C. Maxwell




If we’re a doormat and say yes to everything, people will continue to expect us to say yes to everything.

When we make our boundaries clear by saying no when necessary,we teach others to respect our choices.

The next time someone asks you to do something or you think of taking on something new, get quiet, take a few deep breaths and listen to your gut.  Is it relaxed or tight?  Do you feel drawn to the project or repelled by it?  Act on those feelings.

Don’t let your monkey mind rationalize something that your gut knows isn’t in your best interest!

What’s one thing on your plate that makes your gut tight?  What can you do today to say no,enough is enough,thus far and no more!and mean it?

Go do that thing.  Now.  Your happiness depends on it.


Credit ;www.simplemindfulness.com

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