This Is Why Wizkid Is Getting Attacked By His BabyMama

The drama between Wizkid and his baby mamas doesn’t look like it would be ending anytime soon as Binta Diallo has come out to say her son is not part of the Balogun family.

She recently revealed how she refused to charge Wizkid to court over his refusal to live up to his fatherly responsibilities because his parents and other members of his family had pleaded with her not to create a scandal over the lingering matter.

According to her, her son, Ayo, is not part of Wizkid’s family because the ‘Soco’ crooner has since denied the child’s paternity and continuously refused to act like his father.

The gist is that there is a page on Instagram named @thebalogunboys which shares photos for the three sons of the music star. The said page shared photos of Ayodeji who happens to be Diallo’s son which didn’t go down well with Diallo.

Apparently angered over the child support battle she currently is facing with Wizkid, Diallo attacked the page.  “Stop posting my son here @thebalogunboys my child is not part of your Balogun family just stop with the fake love shit. Nigga need serious help for real, I can’t deal. This deadbeat can follow this page and show fake love to my son here but never bothered to follow my son’s account or be a father to him. Post the kids you love, claimed and are your family”, she wrote.

Binta, a U.S.-based Guinean, was delivered of a son for the singer in 2017. 

Wizkid, 28, has three children with three different women. He fathered a son, Zion, with his manager, Jada Pollock in November 2017.

Little Zion is the third son the singer would father in six years.


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